The end of drought


1 KINGS 18:41-45

The Elijah said to Ahab, ‘proceed to appreciate a decent supper! For I hear a relentless rainstorm coming’

So Ahab arranged a gala, yet Elijah moved to the highest point of mount Carmel and got down on his knees, with his face between his knees and said to his hireling, ‘proceed to watch out toward the ocean’. He did yet came back to Elijah and let him know, ‘I don’t see anything. At that point Elijah let him know, ‘Go over and over and again seven (7) times!’

At last, the seventh time, the worker let him know, ‘I saw a little cloud about the size of a man’s hand ascending from the ocean.

At that point Elijah yelled, ‘rush to Ahab and guide him to get into his chariot and get down the mountains or he will be halted by the downpour!’

What’s more, certain enough, the sky was before long dark with mists, and a substantial breeze brought a staggering rainstorm and Ahab rode off to Jezreel.

Minister Steven Furtick once composed; my confidence works when I tune in before I look.

As per Merriam Webster’s word reference; to listen is to hear what somebody has said and UNDERSTAND that it is not kidding, significant or TRUE. Comprehend what God says!

Lord Ahab, tuned in to the prophet of God and acted quickly, he didn’t look to the sky and whine about the climate not looking favorable for a downpour but rather he listened first and acted by guidance just to see Gods appearance through the downpour. That is confidence!

Regardless of circumstances around you, independent of how unthinkable a turnaround may appear, just tune in to what God is stating and accept. Decline to SEE the force of that revolting situation. Accept! You can just do this by tuning in to Gods word!

You may have been imploring time after some time about that circumstance, been petitioning God for mending, leaps forward and so forth the present word is stating do it over and over and again until something occurs. Prophet Elijah was on his knees and on the principal report from the worker who said he didn’t see anything; Elijah stayed similarly situated on his knees and on the SEVENTH report, there was an answer. Go ahead!

No one but confidence can make a little starting turn relentless! In spite of the fact that the thickness of the cloud was the size of a man’s hand at first yet in a brief time, the thickness spread to cover the entire air. Gracious! He is the God of all tissue, would anything say anything is unreasonably difficult for our God to do?

At the point when God gets included, in that circumstance, it takes him just yet a brief time to deal with an issue that may have kept going days, month or maybe years. Glory be! Time so short than you could envision; Ahab hadn’t returned home and it begun sprinkling.

Remember! The word of God that says in Romans 10:17; ‘faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God’
….faith works when you listen before you look….


Oh Lord, we come to you today; praying for the gift of faith given by your spirit. We pray you help us to stand steadfast in your word amidst the trials of life. Help us oh lord to study thy word and pray constantly.
Send rain to every dry areas of our life and restore to us of the joy of our salvation. Send revival in our lands in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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