The word of God gives life!


As I experience the sacred texts every day, I have come to comprehend that the main espresso that is most animating and important forever exercises is ‘THE WORD OF GOD’. It gives you the quality you have to continue. Every one of the supportive gestures, bearings, plans, answers and so forth that you need are in that.

Simply TAKE A SIP OF THIS COFFEE DAILY (THE WORD OF GOD). That is all you requirement for the afternoon!

Here is my taste of espresso for now; get yours day by day in the spot of study; in addition to this espresso is totally free. Appreciate each taste of it!

“As thou knowest not what the methods for the soul is, nor how the bones do develop in the belly of her that is pregnant; even so thou knowest not crafted by God who maketh all!”. Ecclesiastes 11:5(kjv)

“Trust in the ruler with all thine heart and lean not on your comprehension”. Maxims 3:5(kjv)

There is a cutoff to human comprehension; on the off chance that you make a decent attempt to comprehend the system of each circumstance you are going through, you may lose confidence in thyself and in God.

God sees all you are experiencing,

He sees each tear all over,

He sees the trailer heap of weight you convey,

He sees that wrecked relationship that leaves you vulnerable,

He sees that budgetary weight,

He sees that sickness that appears to have no fix,

He sees, He knows, He has plans for them all; lone trust him and lean not on your comprehension.

The sky is the limit to them that accept (mark 9:23); thoroughly trust in God, accepting he has an arrangement for your circumstance, make your issues known to him in petition and supplications, cast your weights down at his feet for he wants to think about it.

He could change Jobs circumstance all of a sudden,

He could make a man that has been visually impaired for 38years see all of a sudden,

He excuses sins and recalls that them not,

He relieved a 12year instance of discharge in a split second,

At the sound of his voice, seething tempest was quieted right away,

He did is as yet doing as such significantly more that describing it here would expend the day yet the primary concern is this;

For each test you survive, you will value God’s favoring more, for instance; on the off chance that you have been sick and turned out to be sound, you will acknowledge wellbeing like never before; on the off chance that you have been in destitution and turned out to be rich; you will acknowledge bounty and figure out how to suit the penniless and give donations.

Give up and let God.

Trust him absolutely and appeal to God for the soul of God in light of the fact that lone him knowest the methods for God and when we let him lead us, Gods impeccable will win. When he drives, you will celebrate even in thy issues since you know about where you are going, blissful even in the midst of issues since you convey the Spirit of God which gives quality, happiness, harmony, and so on.


Ecc 139Vs1-4. Goodness ruler, you have analyzed my heart and know every little thing about me. You know when I sit or stand. At the point when far away you know my each idea. You diagram my way forward of me, and disclose to me when to stop and rest.

Gracious ruler, I implore you to restore my life elements and encourage me to believe you most importantly in Jesus name. So be it.


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