You remember David, right? The man after God’s own heart. David had a confrontation with the giant, Goliath (1 Sam. 17).

When he caught wind of goliath’s dangers and derision of God’s kin, he was igniting with ‘heavenly fierceness’ and decided to stand up to his goliath. It is safe to say that he is insane? Goliath was a monster and one the best philistine warlords (if not the best) and David was only a poor shepherd kid who just came to get sustenance for his senior siblings the Israelite armed force.

Goliath undermined and criticized David, his kin and notwithstanding ruler Saul and brought disarray and dread upon the fighters of the Israelite armed force however when he reviled David by his divine beings, the fight ring needed to change.

It was by then that David ventured out of the battlefront and drew in his God (our God); a similar one who grasps the seven stars, he who strolls among the seven brilliant lampstands, the everlasting status that abides in disconnected light. Who can fight with this God? Who can withstand his capacity? When he ventured in, goliath and his divine beings were pushed to the edge of total collapse.

David recalled how much of the time God showed his capacity and helped him rout lions and bears and was persuaded that there’s nothing unreasonably difficult for this God to do. At the point when the fallen angel and his specialists like goliath put on an arsenal of bronze (1 Sam. 17:5-7), we should put all in all protective layer of God by the enablement of God’s Holy Spirit (Eph. 6:10-18).

In the event that you endeavor to battle in your own component; in the event that you endeavor to battle your own particular manner, at that point hope to be battered, wounded and crushed yet in the event that you go to the spot of petition, I let you know there’s triumph there. Draw in God at whatever point you are looked with difficulties and fights. He doesn’t battle for triumph, he battles from triumph. When you pick God to stand up to your mammoths, the fight is as of now completed before it even begins.

“I don’t care how difficult and narrow the path is, I’d get you home”; this is God’s promise to you this day.

Prayer; My Lord and my Father, you’re God from everlasting to everlasting, you’re God all by yourself. I invite you, by the merits of your son’s precious blood, to step into my battles and make a name for yourself. I rely solely on you, fight my battle Lord and bring me the victory. Amen.

………If you’re not living in preparation for the second coming of Christ then he’s not coming for you. Be revived!!!



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