A story was recounted a man who in a dream was taken to the seashore where a man in shimmering robe drew a picture on the sand and asked him “would you be able to distinguish this picture” and he answered with energy “obviously, that is me” at that point he cleared off the picture and said to him “in this equivalent way will you be made unessential the exceptionally same day you become pleased and egotistic of my endowments and gifts to you. The sum total of what you have is mine and without me you can do nothing”.

Companions, you’re uncommon in God’s eyes as is the reason for your creation and dependent on this his awesome reason, he arms you with his endowments and graces by the ideals of his soul. He needs you to complete this his motivation yet he can do this without you. Watch out!!! At whatever point you start to feel essential and “excessively significant” as a result of God’s exceptional endowments to you, your end is extremely close. God will discard you and utilize a “less qualified” vessel. This is exemplified by the exchange of blessing from a tall, attractive, rich, keen man Saul (1 Sam. 9 and 10) to a little, “smelling”, shepherd kid David (1 Sam. 16). God is no respecter of people. He utilizes the powerless to disgrace the solid.

Of the more than 3,000 individuals in the second story room at pentecost, God chose to utilize Peter; a poor, ignorant angler who denied Jesus thrice. The methods for he Spirit are secretive. God doesn’t look for the individuals who are capable, he utilizes the individuals who are accessible. It’s not about you, it’s about God.

What are those endowments that God has given you that makes you feel you’re  more significant than any other individual; is it your riches, your insight, your looks, your abilities, your young force, your quality or even your profound blessings?.

Try not to greatness in yourself or your blessings, rather brilliance in the provider of the endowments. Keep in mind, that all that you have was given so remain humble.

Then again, at whatever point you feel not well prepared for your task, recall that a similar God that utilized a poor shepherd kid can utilize you. Simply surrender yourself like mud in the potter’s hands. Simply given him a chance to dissolve you, shape you, fill you and afterward, use you


PRAYER: Lord Jesus, whenever I become proud and begin to boast about your gifts and graces to me, bring me to my knees and remind me that it is your air I breathe. Jesus, make me less of me and more of you, Amen.


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