Never Lost in His presence.


The well known illustration of the lost coin found in Luke 15:8-10 is the base of this writeup.

We find from the story that lady knew the estimation of all she had, she knew when one disappeared on the grounds that she had them on the nearby; however she had 9 coins left, she continued searching for the lost single coin until she discovered it. What’s more, when she discovered it, she celebrated incredibly with her neighbors. That is the means by which it is with every one of us in our association with God. God knows our qualities and worth, He knows the limit and significance that He has set in every one of us and that is the reason he doesn’t ever abandon us notwithstanding when we lose our direction. Since we have an essential comprehension on this illustration, would you say you are lost? That lost coin could have been anyplace; under the pad or under the floor covering or tangle and so forth yet the lady continued looking everywhere. The inquiry is what is having a covering over you, what is protecting the light of God from discovering you, what is keeping you lost? Is it stress? Is it wrong connections? Is it constant mistakes

He will continue scanning for us, He will continue investigating our mysteries alcoves, under our grimy propensities, into the gaps of our wicked selves until he discovers us. Despite the fact that we may have lost our direction, we may have lost tract of a correct course yet he searches constantly with his light of truth (the sentencing word for God) that sets free. Luke 15:8b says “won’t she light a light and search for the coin?” It is essential to recollect that God is dependably at work in every one of that worries you. You are not very far lost dear; He has discovered you!

The coin tumbled off perhap in light of the fact that it was seperated from the others or on the grounds that it bobbed off and so forth.. Along these lines, don’t fall far from the confidence, from Gods nearness and you will remain found.

Been found by God is the initial step and it has been settled quite a while prior in light of the fact that; before anything existed, there was Christ (who desired the lost and he asserted us, lifted those covers and conceded us opportunity)

.He has always been alive and is God himself (John 1:1-2).
The second step is to remain found in the presence of God via the Holy Ghost, Zachariah 4:6-7 says for it is not by power nor by might but by the spirit…..Connect with the Holy Ghost and you will stay with the other coin because, you will get lost again without the Holy Ghost. Cut off from me you can do nothing (lost)(John 15:6) You can never be lost in God’s presence. Where are you at the moment? Discover your worth again and let go of devaluing lifestyles; fan to flames those gifting that a life of spiritual mediocrity have turned off. A life that is not in Christ is not worth living, for what is the end thereof?

Psalms 51:10-12
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.


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