Might it be able to be;

the uncrossed things on your agenda,

the real plans that went south,

the bombed organizations,

the backslides on addictions,

the lost positions/advancements,

the bombed connections,

the investment funds spent incautiously,

the real laments,

Destroying family circumstances,

Overwhelming budgetary weights,

sick wellbeing/loss of a friend or family member,

And so on

maybe more; yet regardless of how profound the torments we bear are or how huge the second thoughts we convey are, it is nothing contrasted with the Love and Grace that have presented to us this far (365th day the year).

let us not lose trust nor lose hope since the sum total of what we have experienced improves us equiped to confront what’s to come. for where we are making a beeline for or what anticipates us, we may not totally know but rather knowing the person who knowest the end from the begining is the key. Come 2019, clutch this KEY

It might appear as though others make them go better for them or you may feel that things ain’t working out so well for you or that the better alternatives aren’t made accessible for you however know this; each one is facing an unconventional conflict, everybody has a particular reason, everybody has a curious objective. Try not to be diverted, center around your objective/reason and stick to confidence; it is the main affirmation we have. Confidence IN GOD. For at last, it isn’t to the solid, nor to the well off nor to the tasteful, nor mainstream, nor insightful, nor quick and so forth will everlasting bliss be for yet to those and just those on whom Gods kindness rest.

2 Corinthians 4:18

For we fix our consideration not on things that are seen but rather on the concealed. what we see last just for a brief span yet what we can’t see keep going forever.

For to meet in Heaven is our definitive Goal and to complete satisfied and solid our supplication.

shalom holy people!

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