A voice shouting from the barren wilderness, “prepare a way for the Lord to travel on! Widen the pathway before him! Level the mountains! Fill up the valleys! Strengthen the curves! Smooth out ruts! (Luke 3:4b-5)

The voice of John the Baptist still shouts out to every one of us through our educators, ministers, prophets, etc to get ready for the second happening to Christ. As you read on, you will comprehend this can’t be conceivable on the off chance that we don’t initially plan for the Holy Spirit.

In spite of the fact that places of worship proliferate, however instructors flourish, however supernatural occurrence focuses flourish BUT sin appears to proliferate as well.

Your life is how the sacred writing is discussing; place your life at Gods transfer (broaden the pathway before him).

What are those wrong things that have taking higher surveys in your life; the sacred writing says level it!

There are levels you are yet to accomplish; ideals you are intended to live out; sound and genuine ways of life you are intended to receive; the sacred text says; top it off!

Those concealed sins, shrewd ways of life; rectify the bends!

In any case, the news is this; every one of these works of etching and topping off aren’t conceivable without the Holy Spirit. Just the Holy Ghost can change a man and keep him in right standing. In the event that you do only it, you will continue bumbling; cut off from me you can do nothing.

In the event that you believe you have a correct remaining with God just in light of the fact that your father or close relatives hold religious positions or that their supplications conceal for you ineptness, at that point you have everything incorrectly sister/sibling. The sacred text state; don’t consider yourself spared in light of the fact that you are relatives of Abraham. That isn’t sufficient. God can deliver offspring of Abraham from sweet stones! (Luke 3:8).

The lessons of apology can never go dry regardless of whether one supposes it is overemphasized, Gods words perseveres.

Try not to neglect these lessons when they come to you but instead, when they do, reevaluate your life and anticipating when Christ will come. Will you be discovered needing?

The sacred text recorded that the groups that came to be sanctified through water by John were viewed as ‘brood of snakes’. He requested that they return and demonstrate by their lifestyle that they are genuinely atoned ;( Luke 3:7-8). On the off chance that John couldn’t sanctify through water the unready with water, how might you be absolved by the Holy Ghost on the off chance that you are unready?

Release us back to the cry from the wild; the God factor with us here on earth is the Holy Ghost; how might he come in when the streets are not enlarged or are as yet limited.

Set up a route for Him first and through steady bearings from him, in submission, we will do assignment expected of us and be prepared when Christ comes. For it isn’t by power nor by might yet by the Holy Spirit says the Lord; you will succeed due to my Spirit (Zachariah 3:6).

The relationship I’m discussing isn’t only the normal sentiments of the shivers you have in chapel social events, nor is it the capacity to talk in tongues for extended periods of time nor the capacity to forecast and so on. I am discussing a two way common relationship; a relationship that requires you tuning in and getting him; since he as of now comprehends the entire of you.

Begin a campaign in your life today and look to get him; choose today to begin the voyage to forever with him since only he can keep you arranged for the happening to Christ and make sure to keep it MUTUAL.

Prayer: Search me o God and know my heart; test my thoughts. Point out anything you find in me that makes you sad and lead me along the path of everlasting life. Amen (psalm 139:23-24)



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