Each beneficial thing that God offers to humankind, the fallen angel, in satisfying his plan, debases such great blessings and endeavors to make them instruments for mass soul pulverization. Since the villain realizes that each offspring of God can accomplish an actual existence of blessedness as wanted by God through his beauty, he advanced a motivation to contaminate effortlessness by causing man to acknowledge elegance from corrupt perspectives. William Faber relevantly catches this message consequently “God does not spare us by effortlessness with the goal that we may live in disfavor”.

In Jude 3-4, the Lord, perceiving how Satan can upset the advantages of His beauty, cautions us in this way “For some heathen individuals have slipped in unnoticed among us, people who misshape the message about the finesse of our God so as to pardon their corrupt ways, and who reject Jesus Christ, our solitary Master and Lord. Quite a while in the past, the Scriptures anticipated the judgment they have gotten”.

Today in our reality, there is by all accounts this malicious religious philosophy that regardless of whether we are living in wrongdoing and are doing “powerful works” for God, that God will inevitably neglect our transgressions thus in numerous Christian quarters, there are foul scents of transgression rather than the adoring aroma of God’s effortlessness. This is complete trickery radiating from the pits of hellfire. Going further in the maltreatment of effortlessness is the feeling that flourishing, most occasions procured through manipulative inclination of the powerless, means that the finesse of God upon the recipient.  And in this way, you see an adherent portraying great houses, stunning vehicles and a “fat financial balance” as the beauty of God.

Today, we are tested to return to the impression of God’s elegance as per John Newton, “The Amazing effortlessness”. This is the elegance that spared a reprobate like me, the beauty that showed my heart to fear God and the effortlessness that eased every one of my feelings of dread and stresses. This is the beauty, that through numerous risks, works and catches, will even now control me securely and this elegance will keep on guiding us till we see God in paradise.

Adored in Christ, Dr. Charles Swindoll depicts the qualities of “beauty abusers” consequently, “not willing to stand firm for what is correct; not willing to stand firm against what’s going on; cites Scripture outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand to demonstrate their point; underscores a lot about being ‘free from transgression’; seems to hold fast to ‘moral relativism’; adores resilience more than truth; makes others sin more (conceivably unconsciously); likes to conceal the wrongdoing with effortlessness as opposed to manage it; at times uses elegance as a ‘smoke screen’ or a ‘diversion gadget’.”

Thomas Kempis closes this reflection with this message, “God’s beauty is valuable, it endures not itself to be blended with fleeting things or natural reassurances. You should along these lines, cast away every snag to effortlessness in the event that you want to have it mixed into you”.

Petition; Grant me your elegance, dear Lord, never to be

comfortable with sin and everything that appeals to carnality. Grant me your mercy and compassion for the several times I’ve abused the privilege of your grace. Save me from myself, Lord, bring me into you.

*Excerpts from the Daily Strength Devotional (19/7/17)*


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